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A Tennis Hero from an age bygone

It is early December in  the year 1966.  Post independence Calcutta in India is a burgeoning metropolis. The lush green South Club lawn courts of Calcutta in Woodburn Park Road, known as the cradle of tennis  in India, was the host … Continue reading

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Gold Balls

It is 9.30 PM on a cold Sunday night with the first snow of Winter 2014 parachuting down from the sky for a clean landing on the sidewalk outside my window. The ‘dark clouds’ of another work week is looming ahead. (C’mon, … Continue reading

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Difference is all in the head and heart

“People think this is all about the top players hitting tennis balls and they talk about technique and strategy and how important that is. But they don’t understand the essence of competition. This is one-on-one, two players out there fighting  each … Continue reading

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Men’s Tennis – Guess Who ?

Post your time to complete in the Comments or  Drop me a note in the form below, if you have a Q or know the A.   Across 3. Flo-Jo can make tennis moms drool 5. Bambi is a showman on the court … Continue reading

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Survey – Big Data Buzz in Tennis

Please take a few minutes to answer this survey. Thanks for your time and hope the results will be useful for you.

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Countering the Moonball

You are invariably going to run into a ‘Pusher’ who is going to dish you moonballs, when you play competitive tennis at amateur level. When I was getting started in tennis and ran into my first ‘Pusher’ in a tournament, … Continue reading

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Learning from Federer at 33

Came across an interesting article today on the success of Roger Federer at 33 (if we shift the yardstick of success from a grand slam win to five ATP titles and a tour-leading 68 wins during the 2014 season). Here’s the three things … Continue reading

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Dream On…

Be it tennis or anything else you hold dear to yourself. If you have not yet gathered yourself to take the step forward on your dream, make the decision TODAY, to pursue it. It is never too late to start … Continue reading

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Drop Shot Video Library

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Serve Return Video Library

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