Men’s Tennis – Guess Who ?

Post your time to complete in the Comments or  Drop me a note in the form below, if you have a Q or know the A.


Tennis guess who crossword


3. Flo-Jo can make tennis moms drool
5. Bambi is a showman on the court
8. The WOW man
9. Defied age to reach the pinnacle, but hated doing it.
10. Changing his diet made him what he is


1. Loser of the epic Labor Day marathon
2. Won a grand slam final without playing even 1 serve and volley point
3. He was instrumental in making the sport the way it is now in the eighties.
4. Not interested in a photo with Roger for FB
5. He is Mr. Serve and Volley
6.  The death of his coach in 2002, was instrumental in creating a monster and destroyed many careers.
7. His serve made him millions

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