Gold Balls

It is 9.30 PM on a cold Sunday night with the first snow of Winter 2014 parachuting down from the sky for a clean landing on the sidewalk outside my window. The ‘dark clouds’ of another work week is looming ahead. (C’mon, stay with me for  the dramatic effect :-)).What better way than to spend the remaining hours of the ebbing weekend with the Tennis magazine’s Heroes issue to get you inspired for the week. And I got more than I bargained for,

Turn to page 52, an article titled ‘Warrior Spirit’ by Stephen Tignor. The article is about an upcoming documentary film titled ‘Gold Balls’ , expected to be released in 2015 which has been partly funded through a global crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter.  The documentary follows a group of guys passionate about tennis, who sweat it out year round in the USTA Adult Leagues  for the  ‘Gold Ball’ (the highest award given in the league for winning the National tournament). So what’s special about these guys – they are over 80 and some in their 90s and they are living the dream – travelling and playing tennis.

Here is what I learnt from the excellent preview to the documentary by Stephen Tignor, in case you haven’t been able to get a hold of the magazine,

  1. It’s never too old to start and never too old to improve. This is the key lesson to take beyond the tennis court in your life.
  2. Adapt to your physical limitations by changing your game. If mobility decreases, increase your accuracy. Add drop shots and lobs. Master the art of doubles when singles becomes a strain.
  3. Stay one step ahead of injuries by working hard on your fitness with discipline.

Looking forward to the documentary in 2015.

Check out the trailer here,
“If you are 60 yrs old, you have 30 yrs to work on your game”

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