Agassi’s ‘Open’


  1. Write out your goals. Wake up early in the morning and say them out aloud.
  2. Strive for the peace of mind every night in the all important 10 minutes before you fall asleep.Live for that 10 minutes.Even if you are booed by thousands, nothing feels as bad as the booing inside your own head during those 10 minutes before you fall asleep.
  3. Feel gratitude and have a steely resolve.No Shortcuts.
  4. Time + Practice = Achievement
  5. The essence of good discipline is Respect. Respect for authority and the respect for others. Respect for self and respect for rules.
  6. No matter what your life is, even if it is not an ideal life,  choosing it changes everything.


  1. Scaling down the task makes it more manageable. Tell yourself – Just win one set, one game, one point.
  2. During a game. don’t think, feel. Don’t live in the past, be in the moment.
  3. Seek the pain, woo the pain, recognize that pain is life.


  1. Weak legs command, strong legs obey.
  2. As your body ages, it’s all about your core.


  1. Against a big serve, break it by hitting your shots, it will break down slowly.Just wait for the 1 or 2 times , your opponent misses the first serve, then pounce on the second.
  2. If someone is playing your game, do the same thing, but better.
  3. Take away time from your opponent.Bull rush your opponent,stand inside the baseline, hit the ball early and apply pressure. Go after the weak side of your opponent, but if you have to go to the stronger side, do it with purpose, with heat and drive it hard. Make your opponent feel you.

(Source: Open – Andre Agassi)

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