Demystifying Tiebreaks

Types of Tiebreaks:

  • Set Tiebreak when score is tied 6-6. This is called so, because the winner of the tiebreak wins the set. Also called 7 point Set tiebreak.
  • Match Tiebreak when match score is tied at 1 set a piece. Also called 10 point Match Tiebreak.

Types of Tiebreak Procedures:

  • Standard Tiebreak Procedure:
    • Change ends at 6 points total, or any multiple of 6 points total.
  • Coman Tiebreak Procedure: The Coman tiebreak is JUST LIKE the standard tiebreak except that players switch ends after the first point and then after every four points.
    • Change ends after the first point.
    • Change ends every four (4) points from then on.

What is benefit of Coman Tiebreak procedure?

  • Fairness: The Coman tiebreak also results in more frequent changes in sides, meaning that the effects of the court conditions (sun, wind, overhead lights, etc.) are more fairly experienced by both players or teams.
  • Consistency:  In doubles, the server will always serve from the same end of the court, rather than having to serve from both ends. Doubles players can maintain the serving side that they utilized during the set

When should I use Coman vs. Traditional Tiebreak procedure ?

  • USTA League: The Coman tiebreak procedure will be followed for both the set tiebreak and match tiebreak in both singles and doubles, – Refer Section 7A
  • USTA Tournaments:  Any tournament electing to use the Coman Tiebreak Procedure must announce the election before the start of tournament play. The Coman Tiebreak Procedure may be used with any tiebreak. Confirm on the tournament website or with the tournament officials.

(Compiled from multiple sources on the internet)

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