My 2015 Tennis Goals

Here are my goals for this year. I intend to work on,

  1. Fitness
  2. Technique
  3. Timing
  4. Consistency
  5. Relaxation

Specifically with respect to #2 – Technique, these are my goals. Will share a year end update on what I accomplish. Check back in a year on this thread 🙂

  1. Make adjustments to technique to prevent re-occurrence of tennis elbow
  2. Make my forehand a weapon and build my game around it –  specifically,
    • ability to hit a heavy forehand
    • take opponent wide out of the court and play end to end
    • execute sharp angles.
    • finish points with forehand
  3. Get more power and spin in double handed backhand
    • ability to keep the return deep past the service line and not turnover upper hand to opponent
    • ability to hit down the line winners
    • feel as comfortable with backhand as I am with my forehand
  4. Get Consistency in First and Second Serve
    • learn to avoid injuries due to serve especially wrist, elbow and shoulder. Use the arm rather than wrist.
    • build my second serve first with spin, depth and consistency
    • build first serve next to win free points with tough opponents
    • get the pronation technique down to be able to serve like the pros
  5. Improve Return of Serve in following areas,
    • split step
    • how to tackle fast serves, wide serves, body serves and kick serves on both sides
    • how to anticipate of opponent’s serve
    • block return technique and ability to keep the return deep.
  6. Learn correct technique and get the foundations down for
    • volley
    • backhand slice
    • drop shot
    • lobs
    • forehand slice
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