Tennis Congress

An idea sprouts. What all events led upto it, why this point in time, what sparks it to take root and burgeon and take a certain form is as enigmatic as the dawn & rise of life. Life is an idea.  Time cloaks the attributes of the idea – whose, why, how, where it is headed …. But to nourish the idea and let it grow towards its destiny, it requires energy.


Tennis Congress is the idea of one man, PJ Simmons, which is nourished every year by the passion of 80 professionals and 200+ amateurs who bring the energy it takes to keep it headed towards its destiny – enriching and empowering the life of adults globally.

The adults are not fadeouts, escaping the drudgery of life nor washouts seeking to play out a fantasy. The adults are serious athletes seeking to empower themselves to reach higher.

What did I go for … ,
I had a notion…, fed by the internet, of what Tennis Congress is  – “A watering hole where birds of the same feather flock to learn & improve, not prove.”  A place where new friendships and symbiotic linkages may be established. An excitement about the possibilities of new experiences and knowledge in a familiar domain that defines my identity.

What did I find …,
I found Tennis Congress to edify 3 core ideas, ideas that matter more than the “other stuff”,

  1. Reach higher
  2. It is never too late to be an athlete
  3. Make the most and the best of yourself.

Wait….I found “other stuff” as well…In subsequent posts, I will write about my personal experiences applying the concepts about the “other stuff”  that I imbibed. Here is my top 10 takeaway areas from the event, that I intend to explore, try out and write about in the near future.

  1. First strike tennis
  2. Practice like the pros
  3. Is consistency over-rated
  4. Injury free Tennis
  5. Targeting, positioning & dynamic strategy in Doubles
  6. Transforming the serve
  7. Transforming the serve return
  8. Transforming the 2 hand backhand
  9. Transforming the forehand
  10. Soft hands, touch & putaway volleys

Stay tuned …collage-2016-10-24-19_00_47

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