A Role Model for every Athlete


A billion people needed good stories around them to forget themselves … In a place where poverty prevents any system to prevail, he gave hope, something to look forward to and a prism through which the country could be visualized.


Over the weekend, I went to see the movie – ‘SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS (2017)’. The movie is a treasure for folks like me, who will probably never get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the ‘God of Cricket’. It is an opportunity to cherish and learn in the words of Sachin himself, about his journey.

I may not have heard anything significantly new nor seen any drama of Bollywood caliber, but I am not one to complain, for I will lap up any opportunity to get an insight into what built and drives the man, the athlete and the cricket player, with whom I grew up.

What built Sachin ?

  • Yes, it does require a village to build a Champion. His support system was the ‘People’ in his life,
    • His Father: His strongest role model was his father who exemplified to Sachin the values of calmness, respecting others, integrity and humility. Every time he looks up to the skies after an achievement, he thinks of his father.
    • His Mother: In his own words, he imbibed the quality of tenacity from his mother.
    • His Brother: His brother was an anchor, a soundboard, a pillar to lean on and a source of motivation. As Sachin states, every time  he walks in to the arena, there are 2 people walking in, his brother in spirit.
    • His Coach:  A Coach who instilled the work ethics and kept him grounded and focused on the task at hand.
    • His Wife: His wife sacrificed her career for him to be the rock in his life whenever he needed amidst the madness of it all.
    • His Friends: His circle of close friends who gave him an outlet to relax, be himself and be a pillar to lean on in difficult times.
    • The army of Fans: who scream for him every time he walks out
  • Work ethic
    • It’s what Sachin did with his gifts that made him a legend – the hours of work that went into practice and preparation.
    • He took in the knowledge from his coach and mentors, but he still had to apply his mind to it
  • He went to a Champion school – Sharadashram Vidyamandir (English) High School,a school at Dadar, Mumbai, India, which had a dominant cricket team and had produced many notable cricketers.

What qualities he exemplifies as a role model Athlete ?

  • Practice hard, play hard and put the team first
  • Don’t chase the money. He represented the middle class virtues of humility, integrity and loyalty
  • Treat each and every one with respect
  • “If I am stuck with technique, how will I watch the bowler” – Sachin
  • “You have to learn to look after your kit and the kit will look after you” – Sachin

What drives Sachin ?

  • Cricket was like oxygen, without which he could not live. “I treated the game like I was going to a temple” – Sachin
  • “My father always used to tell me … it’s one thing that you’ve chosen to play cricket in life … but the thing that will remain with you for life … will be the fact that, what kind of a person you are”
  • “After any disappointment, it’s important for every player to stand up on their feet and fight” – Sachin
  • Family
  • Country
  • Music

Sachin Tendulkar – Player Profile and Statistics

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