Match Tiebreaker – is it a roll of the dice ?


Results of a quick & dirty survey that I had run a while back with my hardcore tennis friends in my tennis/social network.

In my opinion, the answer to the match tiebreaker as with any facet of a tennis match is,

  1. Mental
  2. Preparation

Playing a match tiebreaker shouldn’t be looked at as any different than the way you play the tennis match from start to finish. Don’t dread it, don’t fear it, don’t blame it … Embrace and Relish it !


#1: Focus on current point and being positive. 
Implies:  Be present 100% and focused in the moment.This is your best chance to succeed. Be in the moment.

#2: Play to win – Be Aggressive
Compete hard & play free, all the time, no matter who the opposition is, no matter what the score is + Play to your strengths & play smart (high percentage)

#3: Focus on the first 4 points
 The average point lasts fewer than four shots. That means that you (and your partner) need to be rock solid on the first two balls. Serve (or return) and the next shot. (Source:


Nothing prepares you like practice. Practice. Practice. Practice …




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