The ‘Ultimate Tennis’ League Super Division – Find your Tennis Identity!

Imagine an ‘Ultimate Tennis’ league division with who else but the Republican candidates 2016. What do you think their playing styles will be if they play tennis….


Historically tennis has had four primary game styles: counterpuncher, aggressive baseliner, all-court player and serve-and volleyer (ITF, 1998; USTA, 1996).

USTA Newsletter for Coaches Vol. 7, No. 2 / 2005

But, personally after watching the pro circuit and USTA level 4.5 and above, I truly agree with the observation in the article shared above that there exists countless individual variations within these four broad categories. As you develop and acquire solid fundamentals and skills, it is important to develop styles of play that are consistent with, and that best use, your personalities as well as your mental, physical, technical and tactical skills and abilities.  The task of establishing a clear, consistent game style is not an easy one. There are many variables that influence the establishment of a unique game style and these change as you evolve.

In a nutshell, in tennis, like in life, size yourself up, determine your strengths and weaknesses, build a tennis identity that is centered around your strengths and then learn how to do it better than anyone else.

So, have you found your tennis identity ?

TrumpPower 2

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